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rain-drop-techniqueUsing Young Living Essential Oils along the spine & on the feet to bring structure & alignment & restore health to the entire body system.

Just as blood gives our body life, essential oils are the life of the plant they can have healing effects on the body, especially the ones that are chosen for this technique. The technique is consistent with the French model (undiluted) for aromatherapy.
Raindrop Technique is known to ameliorate numerous cases of scoliosis, kyphosis & chronic back pain - further it has eliminated the need for back surgery.
Some range of the oils contain a variety of monotererpenes & sesoterpenes which are marjoram, cypress, peppermint, aroma seed blend to assist in deleting misinformation in the DNA & in reprogramming correct information in the cellular memory to restore physical & emotional wellness. Also used thyme oil also used in our themol typenoids which clean the cellular receptor sites for efficient cell to cell communication.
Often many types of spinal problems, misalignments are caused by toxins that lie dormant along the spine when the oils are applied & absorbed into the skin they travel down through the dermis & into the interstitial fluids here they fight bacteria & viruses that travel through the body.
Your session begins by balancing your body's energy by applying Valour (young living essential oil blend) on the shoulders & feet. The next step is using the vital flex technique to send electrical impulses through the energies on the spinal reflex area of your feet. Each of the seven oils are applied to the right & left foot. Then the essential oils are dripped onto your back in sequence working up the spine, working the oils in using feathering & circular movements, followed by a gentle spine stretch & skull pull. Other oils used include Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Marjoram, AromaSiez, Cypress, Wintergreen and Peppermint. On completing the application of oils heated towels are applied over your back to enhance absorption of the oils. Several minutes later the towels are removed & the session is complete.
Raindrop technique enables you to restore balance & normal function to weak body systems, this promotes harmony of the whole person physically & emotionally. Most recipients feel relaxed & invigorated, the technique lasts 7-10 days & drinking plenty of water is essential (which you find you do automatically) to remove toxins during this time.
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