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shiatsuShiatsu is a form of bodywork that has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the historical massage techniques of Japan. Shiatsu strengthens a person's innate healing power by freeing and balancing the energy flow along the meridian channels.

Generally it is performed with the recipient lying comfortably dressed on a traditional Futon mat, on the floor, with the practitioner applying firm, steady pressure. Shiatsu not only treats, but also prevents illness by aiding the body's natural forces to correct diseases, even before they become pathological. It can target general areas or specific points. In a Shiatsu treatment, comfortable pressure is applied to all parts of the body with thumbs, palms, elbows, and knees along the network of meridians and acupressure points and the body is gently stretched to loosen joints and muscles
It is a deep and relaxing technique that is sensitively applied through . which vital energy ("Ki") flows
The Shiatsu Massage Therapist employs a range of pressure techniques. Shiatsu helps almost everybody and most conditions by balancing "Ki" or your "vital energy", by increasing your energy levels and promoting healthy metabolism.
The key benefits of Shiatsu are delivered via the autonomic nervous system which coordinates and monitors all involuntary functions - such as breathing, hormonal secretions, enzymes production, body temperature, and so on. This autonomic nervous system sub-divides into the 'sympathetic' branch which mobilizes our energies for survival or "fight-or-flight" responses, and the 'parasympathetic' branch which promotes and conserves our energies for growth and development.

The single most important benefit of Shiatsu is that, through pressure, it can override the "fight-or flight" mode which over time leads to stress and illness, and "switch on" the conservation mode which activates relaxation and the body's natural healing capacity.

Shiatsu is beneficial for most conditions but is recognized to be most effective for:
• arthritis, neck/shoulder/ low back pain, joint stiffness, muscular tension,
• sciatica/neuropathies, poor circulation, anxiety/emotional distress,
• migraines/headaches, sinusitis, intestinal disorders, menstrual/reproductive
• problems, respiratory conditions, and stress disorders, not to mention that
Shiatsu brings instinctive joy and human touch back into your life.

The effect is deeply soothing and provides relief for symptoms such as shoulder stiffness, back pain, joint pain, headaches, tired eyes, fatigue, stress, and insomnia.

There are no side effects, such as delayed muscle pain, even after a long shiatsu massage.

The treatment is performed fully-clothed. We provide the garments for you to change into.

If you do not like oil massage, we recommend shiatsu for a uniquely relaxing experience. :
Common positive effects of Shiatsu include:
1. Relief of your pain or symptoms.
2. Improvement in your flexibility and range of motion.
3. Improved digestion / circulation / respiration.
4. Less tension.
5. Better sleep.
6. Emotional peace.
7. Clearer thinking.
After a Treatment you may also feel a lot more energized and because of that, some people tend to overdo and feel more tired later.

You may also feel a sense of joy or light-heartedness.

It is always a good idea to drink plenty of water as toxins are often released (this should be viewed as a positive result of your treatment; the drinking of water just makes this process easier on you). If possible, you should avoid rushing around after receiving your treatment.

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