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zen-chi-machineIf you suffer from lack of exercise, stress, back pain, poor circulation, nervous tension or menstrual pain. The Zen Chi Relaxerciser machine can help alleviate the symptoms of these ailments.

The Zen Chi Massager is a device used to stimulate the body in order to improve general health.

It produces a motion through the recumbent body, similar to a swimming fish. It opens the vertebrae and helps to 'gap' the spine alleviating stress and tension on the spinal column.

The Zen Chi 's rhythmic motion is core driven. This produces a metrical displacement which sends a balanced energy wave through the body. This unique wave-like motion copies exercise movements and promotes the flow of blood to capillary in all extremities of the body. This restores supply to areas that may have suffered poor circulation.
The beneficial effects of Chi (energy) stimulating exercise are now within the reach of every household.

Detoxification is improved via enhanced lymphatic circulation and abdominal peristalsis (involuntary digestive tract muscles). This causes a higher metabolic rate.

Stimulation to the anatomical system will assist to relieve the symptoms of:
• Lack of energy
• Insomnia
• Weight imbalances
• Stress and tension
• Body aches
• Arthritic pain
• Lack of exercise
• Bad posture

Exercise made easy with the Zen Chi Relaxerciser.

Fifteen minutes on the Zen Chi Relaxerciser machine is equivalent to walking 4.5 kilometres!
Whether it is exercise, meditation or simply eating correctly, we all feel the need to do something beneficial and constructive for our health and well-being.

In our busy schedules, taking time out is crucial in maintaining your health and energy levels.

Time restraints make exercise routines difficult to maintain, but the Zen Chi Relaxerciser is able to solve the difficulty. All it takes is fifteen minutes morning and night to maintain the recommended thirty minutes of daily exercise. Any additional form of exercise is an extra added bonus!

Try the Zen Chi machine to gain the benefits of regular exercise, easily and simply.

What is it?

Zen Chi is a unique non-impact exercise movement that stimulates venous and lymphatic return and the digestive tract. This is done whilst lying down, making it the simplest exercise routine. Just 15 minutes exercise a day will improve energy levels, body appearance and create an overwhelming sensation of well being.

Exercise Made Easy

The beneficial effects of chi (energy) stimulating exercise are parralleled to martial arts, yoga and other strict disciplines. The Zen Chi Massager combines modern technologies with the essential principles to produce a high quality massager This will give you a vast range of health and beauty benefits.

Sports Recovery

Physical exertion produces lactic acid build up which restricts muscle contraction and reduces performance. The increased circulation of oxygenated blood through the muscles in a relaxed state eliminates build up of lactic acid and accelerates recovery time.

Beneficial Effects

The Zen Chi machine has a stimulating effect on venous and lymphatic circulation. Also it is an incredible stimulus to the digestive tract. This boosts a sluggish metabolism and enhances digestion. The increased blood flow to the capillaries and the extremities creates an amazing tingling sensation. This results in assisting in relieving the symptoms of insomnia and nervous tension as well as some circulatory problems.

Physiological Benefits
• The swaying motion of the Zen Chi Relaxerciser exercises all joints in the body. Good blood circulation due to increased oxygen absorption can alleviate the paralysis and pain of arthritis and rheumatism caused by lack of oxygen deficiency.
• Increasing ones metabolism with aerobic exercise can eliminate muscle fatigue. When exercising or working too hard, muscle fatigue is likely to occur.
• External respiration is defined as the process of exchanging carbon dioxide from the blood for oxygen from the outside air.
Internal respiration is defined as the process that provides oxygen to cells and carries the products of metabolism (carbon dioxide) to the lungs.
Sufficient aerobic exercise. Using the Zen Chi Massager can normalize both external and internal respiration. This can prevent diseases of the respiratory system.
• The swaying motion of the Zen Chi Relaxerciser can massage internal organs to help peristalsis and prevent constipation. Also vulnerability to disease is reduced. The overall effect of aerobic exercise emphasizes the waist and belly, and may help one lose weight.
• The autonomic nervous system is responsible for controlling the body's metabolism. An unbalanced autonomic nervous system causes nervousness, anxiety, peristaltic diseases, fatigue and constipation. The Zen Chi Massager improves the body's metabolism which prevents many of the problems mentioned above.
• Aerobic exercise enhances the oxygen carrying ability of the blood. This activates cells, and urges metabolism by increasing blood circulation and delivery of blood to peripheral nerves.
• Perfect physical condition is achieved when fluid has a low alkaline content. The fluid base equilibrium varies according to food, exercise, climate and environment.

Exercising with the Zen Chi Massager can help one attain a good fluid base acid equilibrium.
• Zen Chi helps to strengthen the vertebrae which is the most important support system of the human body.

Frequently, the vertebrae (which the nervous system passes through) , can not operate properly due to trauma, scoliosis or other spinal problems.

The Zen Chi Massager can help strengthen the muscles around the spine and therefore help prevent injury and disease, assisting the body to naturally realign the vertebrae.
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