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Valentines Day is that special day when you can treat your loved one to a unique kind of massage. A couples massage is the perfect choice for the Valentines occasion which only presents itself as an opportunity once every year.

The mood is lit with candles and the air is scented with essential oils and incense. Your favourite relaxing music is playing while you are being pampered by your choice of massage.

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Tennis elbow is a common injury that causes pain on the outside of the elbow. Medically termed epicondylitis.
This condition is not only seen in tennis players but also other sports and recreational activities. These activities involve repetitive stress on the muscles around the elbow. Heavy weight lifting can also aggravate the condition.

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Rainbow Bay Massage has now introduced a new package deal just in time for Valentine's Day. Purchase now!

The ever popular Couples Massage has been successful by creating a beautiful atmosphere and a relaxed experience to be remembered for a long time. Candles, incense and aroma oils burning soothe the body and mind. Soft music playing attunes the emotions and soul. All this brings on a peaceful harmony to all.

The Romantic Package goes a few steps further to arouse the senses and deepen the experience. Special Chocolates, Roses and French wine are indulgences offered at the end of the massage treatment. If you look around you might find a few hearts about. The tables are close together for the special occasion.

Any massage therapy can be chosen from the Massage Therapy Menu on the website

The girls usually go for a pampering Swedish or Hot Stone Massage whilst the boys usually like Remedial Massage or Deep Tissue Massage to sort out some niggling pains.

Men if you are looking for a way to treat your ladies on Valentines or any Special Occasion why not immerse yourselves in Romantic Couples Massage.

Ladies it is a good idea to hint to your partner that a Massage experience would be greatly appreciated and beneficial for both.

The Package includes:

  • 1 hour massage each of your choice
  • Special Chocolates, Roses and French Wine
  • The mood is set as outlined above for a loving memory
  • The investment in your Romance is $265

Book your Romantic Massage Package by ringing Cheryl Young and Graham Honeyman at Rainbow Bay Massage on 0419609232 in Tweed Heads Coolangatta Gold Coast

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One of the most common causes of shoulder problems and pain is related to the rotator cuff muscles and tendons. These muscles occur in conjunction with injuries to cricket players, tennis players, golfers, gymnasts or other athletes.
These injuries affect almost all of us to some degree or another.
Although they are small in size, these muscles provide the primary means of stability to your shoulder joint. They are working extremely hard with any movement your arm makes.

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Remedial Massage is a manual therapy designed to stimulate, rejuvenate, activate and heal the musculoskeletal system. The treatment is assessed and tailored for every patient. A plan is designed to specifically address your pain, goals and special needs.

Graham and Cheryl are highly skilled Remedial Massage Therapists who are able to assess your condition and pain. We employ massage techniques and other therapies such as joint mobilisation, trigger point therapy (TPT), PNF stretching, sports techniques and more. These therapies can help to alleviate and repair damage to soft tissues, muscles, nerve, disc dysfunction and joints.

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Remedial Massage Techniques can be used to manage the following conditions and more:

Headaches and Migraines
Neck Pain and discomfort
Shoulder Pain
Back Pain and Spasm
Plantar Fasciitis
Calf strain
Sciatic Pain
Elbow, wrist and hand pain
Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
Overuse Injuries
Postural Dysfunction
Poor Work Ergonomics


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Massage complements other modalities like physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathic, yoga and Pilates to help you maintain a pain free and active lifestyle. The many benefits of Remedial Massage Therapy are well known and documented. Evidence shows that Remedial Massage works to relieve pain, increase joint range of movement (ROM) and help damaged muscle tissue to recover better and faster.

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We need to take time out for ourselves. Often times we are just too busy and tend to neglect ourselves. Sometimes we just need to get a massage.
We all know that we need a massage and know someone special that also deserves some special treatment. Our caring and generosity can make a difference in their world. A Gift Voucher can be an excellent way of showing appreciation and saying thank you.

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• Reconnect with the art of touch. Learn some great massage techniques that will have your partner purring like a pussy cat. Get relaxed and prepare to just feel great.
• Feel free from muscle aches and pains. Rub away the pain. A good massage always relieves pain, enlivens the tissues and refreshes the body.


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Treating yourself to a neck massage and shoulder massage is a great way to relieve tension. Stresses from life and work build up and eventually take us down and massage is a good way to deal with it. Today many people are sitting hunched over computers all day and the need for these massages is accelerating. Not everyone can arrange a massage therapist after hard day at work every day. For those in need of regular massage here are some tips on how your spouse can help by giving you a good home massage.


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Share the experience of a relaxing, invigorating, soothing couples massage with your partner or that special person.
Many couples are spoiling themselves to a couples massage because they understand the benefits that this precious time together will bring to their relationship.

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