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Shiatsu is a “finger pressure” massage which is sometimes called Zen shiatsu.

It is a Japanese type of physiotherapy. Often it is described as the equivalent of acupressure. This comparison is not quite accurate, because the technique is far beyond just specific pressure points. It incorporates other methods like stretching, breathing and rotating. This gives a better whole-body approach to renewing energy balance. Many of the claimed benefits have yet to be medically proven. Many believers assert that shiatsu can work to treat many different emotional, spiritual and physical and disorders. The roots of shiatsu are thousands of years old, and today, the technique is continually growing in popularity around the globe.

  The Underlying Principles of Shiatsu

The main concept behind shiatsu massage is that energy, qu or chi, circulates along meridians or channels around the body. When the chi flows freely, it brings in fresh, positive yang energy. The negative yin energy keeps an individual physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

An infinite number of things can disrupt the delicate balance of yin and yang. As a result, chi can become diverted, rushed, slowed or blocked, causing problems in wellness. Certain conditions such as sleeplessness, indigestion, swollen joints, headaches or depression are viewed not as sources of discomfort, but rather as symptoms of hyperactive, underproductive, blocked or misdirected chi. Practitioners of shiatsu assert that, by manipulating pressure points along specific meridians they can get energy back in balance and treat numerous ailments.


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