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Many people ask me how often you should get a massage and the answer is very much the same every time: “it will depend on the individual circumstances”.

We all have with very specific needs so putting people into a time frame (once a month massage, once a week massage) is unrealistic.

 A poll on social media recently asked how often you would like to receive a massage. Most of the replies were probably therapists dreaming about daily massages. The most popular answers from the public were weekly and fortnightly massages. This frequency of treatment is ideal to maintain health and keep stress at bay.

There are different guidelines for specific modalities regarding frequency.

  • * Deep tissue massage
  • Concerning back and shoulders tension, the best way to tackle this issue is to start off having weekly massages. After the main problem areas of knots and tension have been addressed, you can then decide to have fortnightly or monthly massages as a maintenance programme. Most regular clients will have fortnightly massages.
  • *Slimming and anti cellulite massages
  • It can takes 6 to 8 weeks for the body to respond and show positive changes after you start a new eating, fitness and massage program. Regarding slimming massages the golden rule is to start with 2 massages a week for 4-6 weeks. Then as a maintenance programme have massage every week for another 2-4 weeks. Always assess the progress and change the massage routine accordingly. Remember that cellulite can have different stages of development. When caught early you can achieve better results. For stubborn cellulite a course of deep tissue slimming massage is essential to move the fat deposits.
  • *Lymphatic drainage
  • For water retention, it is best to start with two sessions a week for 4 weeks. Assess the situation and follow a healthy eating plan and a good fitness system. A twice a week treatment for sinus congestion for one or two weeks can usually calm down the inflammation and ease the congestion.


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