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How many times I have been asked by people about how often I think they should get a massage?

Everyone thinks I have the magic answer for them. After a short discussion I usually find there are many reasons people ask me this question.

Are they concerned because they want to feel better? Or do they worry about the costs. Or is it the time investment and they don't want to be taken advantage of by being told they should come three times a week to feel better. The truth is there is no magic answer I can recommend because everyone has a different lifestyle, needs, goals and finances.
There is no straight answer but it still is a good question. It is really about what your clients need. I have asked many Massage Therapists this question and have found that the best person to answer this question is the client.
What is the best way to qualify this answer? A good massage therapist can offer good guidelines and make recommendations to clients so they stop injuring themselves. e.g. Get help to move that washing machine on your own next time
Here are the choices I put before my clients when they me how often to come in for a treatment.
Once a month:
Office Stretching If you are in decent shape with very few aches and pains, you should not need a massage more than once a month. It just means that you shouldn't wait longer than a month. If you go longer than a month you will always feel it. Life goes by when you make plans, but it's still no excuse. Get a massage at least once a month
Once every two weeks:
If you have pain or discomfort on a regular basis, but it doesn't stop you from working or living properly, go every few weeks. This can also include stiffness when you wake up, lower back pain, tight or sore knees and legs. If the pain and discomfort is intense enough to make you aware often, you should go regularly to relieve it. Treatments can wear off after a few weeks and they are back on my table working over their neck and rolled shoulders, rhomboids and traps, among other things.
At least once a week:
This is when your pain is bad enough that it stops you from living a normal life. When you can't walk or stand for any amount of time, or you can't surf or ride a bike. When it hurts as you lay down to sleep. This is not living. Do something about it. Get a massage. The results are immediate, reviving and enlivening.
As you heal, work your way back to once every 2 weeks then once a month:
This system is it is designed to get you back on track to good health as soon as possible. The issues can generally be solved with massage. The pain will go away and you get your life back. I have had many clients start at once a week that now only come once a month. They are then free to do the things they want to do easily without stress or pain.


The other aspect I really like about these treatment intervals is that they are subjective and based upon the personal choices of the client.


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