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Remedial massage aims to alleviate and aid repair of acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems which can be brought on by muscular tension and tight fascia tissue.

Typically it involves deep tissue techniques and sports massage manoeuvres which is good for athletes. Also corrective postural work is good for office workers and pregnant mums.
Massage helps to promote circulation and blood flow to the tissues. Also waste products are removed. Massage also helps improve the elasticity of muscles and soft tissues.

Massage is also a maintenance tool for the body as it can help prevent soft tissue injuries. Reduction of postural strain and an improved sense of well being is an advantage.
Usually stretches will be performed and recommended. This ensures that the client gets the best result for their presenting condition.
Regular massage is a good way of getting concentrated relaxation time. Relieving your system of this day to day stress and strain on a regular basis helps to rebalance the body mind and soul. Remedial Massage encourages the body's endocrine system to produce endorphins. These natural 'happy' chemicals encourage the lymphatic movement which helps the body to eliminate toxins.


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