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Muscles can become knotted and tense or damaged by the normal wear and tear of life. Remedial Massage can provide a healing therapy that is gentle, strong or deep.
Remedial Massage comprehensively and holistically treats the body. It also helps to soothe tensions and emotional imbalances. The massage therapist assesses and identifies the cause of the original biomechanical dysfunction. This aids the healing of the original disorder, as well as the associated symptoms.

Remedial Massage uses many specialised techniques to identify and help repair damage to muscles, tendons and joints. Remedial Massage Therapy supports and increases the body's own healing mechanisms. A special blend of oils is applied directly onto the skin. This helps the muscles being massaged that are associated with the disorder to be deeply penetrated. Passive and active joint stretching moves are also used to release the tension on the muscles.
The key benefits of remedial massage
*the stimulation to the blood supply
*toxins in the muscles are removed
*calming of the peripheral nervous system (PNS)
*easing pain and discomfort
*toning and relaxing of muscles
*improvement of joint mobility
*improvement to general health
*tissue repair
*reduction of stiffness
*cellular improvements
*reduced tension
*therapeutic relaxation



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