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Every human will have a sore back from time to time. When we reach 50, most of us will have experienced back pain. This is also the leading cause of disability in people under 45. Doctors prescribe everything from physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture and surgery to bring us relief. We spend the same amount of money trying to cure back pain as we do trying to cure cancer. Here is a guide to what may be causing your problem and how to recover from it.



Causes of Back Pain

Spinal Problems
Herniated disc or ruptured disc

In between our vertebrae, small sponge-like pads (discs) act as cushions to absorb shocks to our spinal column. Injury and aging can cause these discs to rupture or bulge. This puts pressure on the nerves in our spine and causing significant irritation and pain.
Sciatic pain

Travels along the sciatic nerve, which runs down your leg. Sciatic pain can be caused by pressure from a herniated disc at the L4 vertebrae or from muscular tension and pressure especially from the piriformis muscle.
Arthritis: Osteoarthritis from wear and tear and inflammation often affects the lower back and can cause a painful narrowing of the spinal canal called spinal stenosis.

What Can Be Done
Surgery is the treatment of last resort. The structure of the spinal column is so intricate and numerous nerves run through here. Back surgery is a risky procedure that only works about half of the time. Exhausting other approaches first is recommended by most experts. Alternative therapies are 90% successful in reducing pain, so before going under the knife, do your research and try out some of these other options. For example massage, acupuncture, physio, kinesiology, osteopathic and chiropractic.

Self Treatment
Strengthening the abdominals: These exercises help your back muscles do their work and decreases the pressure on your spine. Try daily crunches or holding "the yoga plank" for several minutes a day.
Medication or Nutrients: Anti-inflammatory medication can reduce spasms and decrease pain. Magnesium supplements or Epsom salt baths can achieve a similar result.
Physical therapy or gym routine: This strengthens your back muscles and increases the flexibility of your back .


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