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Massage therapy has been show to help patients with a vast array of problems. From just relaxation to therapeutic massage it is a brilliant form of therapy with spectacular results.

Pain control
In areas that include fibromyalgia, arthritis, sciatica (and other back pains), headaches and childbirth
Arthritic conditions
Massage increases circulation to remove toxins and wastes from the joints and surrounding tissues.
Chronic lung disease
Massage increases respiratory function
Massage helps as an aid for chronic constipation
Massage promotes relaxation responses and enhances the coping mechanisms in clients undergoing cancer treatments
Mental health
Massage reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress disorders
Massage helps with overuse and repetitive strain injuries. Massage also helps with conditions like workplace and athletic trauma and also whiplash injuries.

Massage helps with many conditions and generally promotes health and a sense of well being. Circulation and lymphatic drainage is enhanced and toxins and wastes are eliminated from the body. Muscular aches and pains are relieved allowing people to feel better and be more productive.


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