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This method of connection of circuits uses a unique form of energy work and healing involving the energy of the field, sacred geometry and harmonic resonance. Your chakras and endocrine system will be connected and strengthened.
A measurable and sustainable transformation will occur. There will be a holonomic convergence of sound, form and consciousness.

Twelve electromagnetic circuits which download source consciousness are permanently reconnected. The energy field and endocrine system are charged which activates a disassociation from the fear based matrix. This in turn causes a collapse of programming reliant on a synthetic reality. This realigns our human nature and energy field with a co-creative holography of everlasting continuum.
Become the portal through which divine consciousness flows.
Realise that you are the event horizon.
The twelve circuits are tested before and after the session to confirm that the process has been completed.
Bodywork, salt baths, sun gazing and meditative music are all used to get the desired results.
You will feel more balanced and focused for the experience. Clarity of the mind and a stronger knowing of purpose will develop. A deeper connection with nature and relationships will also be experienced.


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