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Knee pain and knee injuries are extremely common. There are many various causes. It is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of the knee pain or injury. Then the correct treatment can be directed at the cause of the problem. Knee pain can be caused by soft tissue injuries like ligament sprains and muscle strains, bone conditions, eg knee arthritis and biomechanical dysfunctions like Patello femoral syndrome. It may even possibly be referred down from your sciatica!

There are many causes of knee pain and treatment varies considerably depending on the symptoms and an accurate diagnosis. Treatment may involve massage, knee mobilisation techniques, taping, stretches or strengthening exercises. A rehabilitation protocol is necessary post knee reconstruction or knee replacement.
A massage feels really good and also stimulates blood flow, loosens muscles, and is very relaxing. This also applies to knee massage.
Massaging the knee allows stimulates blood and oxygen to get into the joint. This makes your knee heal itself a lot quicker. Massaging the knee will also help the knee to relax and when the tight muscles have been loosened the pressure is taken off those nerves that are causing you the pain.
Experiment with different techniques and the pressure you apply to find a treatment that feels best for your client. If certain areas are tender, try massaging around them. Do not cause any further pain.
Passive stretches are the perfect way of relieving stress in the knee without the intensity of deep massage. Passive stretching will allow the knee to find comfort again. This is a relaxation technique that allows the nerves in your knee to calm down. This creates space so that the nerves are not being squeezed.
Passive stretching and knee massage are effective tools for anyone with knee pain. Remember that the objective of both therapies is to create comfort and relaxation. The knee and your body need to work together in harmony to reduce pain.



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