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Treating yourself to a neck massage and shoulder massage is a great way to relieve tension. Stresses from life and work build up and eventually take us down and massage is a good way to deal with it. Today many people are sitting hunched over computers all day and the need for these massages is accelerating. Not everyone can arrange a massage therapist after hard day at work every day. For those in need of regular massage here are some tips on how your spouse can help by giving you a good home massage.


If you have a massage table at home that's great. If you don't you could have the massage recipient lie down on a soft piece of carpet or a mat for comfort. Relax them by taking deep breaths. Have the person lie on their back and put a rolled up towel just below the base of the neck along the top of their back. The towel will help stretch out those muscles that often get cramped in that area.
Kneel above their head and cradle it gently. Turn it slightly in one direction. Gently knead the chest muscles. There is often a correlation between the front muscles and the ones at the same level in the back. Many times the chest muscles are tight and they can cause the neck and back to be tight also.
While the head is still turned in the same direction gently rub the neck muscles down to the trapezius muscle which is at the top of the back. Change hands and turn the head to the other direction. Give the neck a massage on the other side. Using the tips of your fingers make small circles around the neck and shoulder muscles culminating in a good shoulder massage also.
Have the person lie on the other side and repeat the massaging motions. Run your fingers down the length of the back and up again in a raking motion.
A good neck and shoulder massage will reduce tension in this area and relax the recipient. Use firm strokes and glide along the muscles to help achieve this. Slowly work the muscles from the centre of the neck and all along the shoulder and upper back. Often the source of pain and tension can be in the outer areas.


It is always better to employ a trained therapist if you can find the right person in your locality.

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