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• Reconnect with the art of touch. Learn some great massage techniques that will have your partner purring like a pussy cat. Get relaxed and prepare to just feel great.
• Feel free from muscle aches and pains. Rub away the pain. A good massage always relieves pain, enlivens the tissues and refreshes the body.


• Reduced stress and anxiety levels will be experienced after being caressed by your partners soothing stroking hands.

• Find your mojo again. Experience a new lease of life with more energy and enthusiasm. Feel invigorated again.
• Set the mood with a couples massage. Stimulate and arouse the senses. Dim the lights and burn some candles. Play some soft romantic music. Burn some incense. Arrange some beautiful flowers which have a nice aroma. Even try it blindfolded. No need to explain all the benefits here.
• Improved emotional connections are automatic. Better than fumbling around like Mars and Venus.
• Personal bonding and communication is improved. Synergy in a relationship is improved. It is so easy to get things achieved together without emotional and personality blockades. The walls will be broken down.
• Let's get active and do things together again. Find projects that you can work on as a team. This gets you closer as a couple again. Yes couples massage can help inspire all this.
• Rekindling of that flame. Massage gets your relationship to fire again.
• This is a partner pampering opportunity. Take advantage of the chance to pamper your partner with loving strokes, actions and intentsions. This is a win win situation because you get it all back again.



Book your Massage or Remedial Massage by ringing Cheryl Young and Graham Honeyman at Rainbow Bay Massage on 0419609232 in Tweed Heads Coolangatta Gold Coast
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