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Massage complements other modalities like physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathic, yoga and Pilates to help you maintain a pain free and active lifestyle. The many benefits of Remedial Massage Therapy are well known and documented. Evidence shows that Remedial Massage works to relieve pain, increase joint range of movement (ROM) and help damaged muscle tissue to recover better and faster.

Also correct comprehensive diagnosis and personalised exercise program is used to restore normal function to the joint, muscle or connective tissue. Massage will ensure the best chance of a full recovery. Rainbow Bay Massage helps coordinate your care to ensure your treatment plan is focused and integrated. Remedial Massage involves a combination of techniques to guarantee a comprehensive treatment for your specific needs.
Conditions treated by remedial massage include sciatica, neck and back pain, frozen shoulder, piriformis syndrome, illiotibial band tension, carpel tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, shin splints, hamstring injuries, adhesions, repetitive strain injury (RSI), plantar facitiis, whiplash, scar tissue, groin strain, thoracic outlet disorder, tennis elbow and Achilles tendon.



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