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Remedial Massage is a manual therapy designed to stimulate, rejuvenate, activate and heal the musculoskeletal system. The treatment is assessed and tailored for every patient. A plan is designed to specifically address your pain, goals and special needs.

Graham and Cheryl are highly skilled Remedial Massage Therapists who are able to assess your condition and pain. We employ massage techniques and other therapies such as joint mobilisation, trigger point therapy (TPT), PNF stretching, sports techniques and more. These therapies can help to alleviate and repair damage to soft tissues, muscles, nerve, disc dysfunction and joints.

The treatment can be tailored to your needs. Techniques can be soothing, soft, gentle, deep, powerful and strong depending on your needs.
Massage therapy enhances the body's own repair mechanisms. This allows patients to get better quicker.

A Remedial Therapist can treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions from general aches and pains to very specific injuries. Our Remedial and Sports Massage treatments includes the best rehabilitation advice on how you can enhance your healing at home and how you can avoid any reoccurring injury and pain. Specific stretching routines, salt baths, liniments, toning tools and special equipment is very beneficial.

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