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The Woodford Folk Festival 2012 from 26th December to 1st January was a big success this year- record ticket sales. There was a large selection of massage modality to choose from. A Kahuna shop- Hawaiin style, Shiatsu tent with on the floor treatments, Reiki shop and a few tents giving general and additional treatment. Also the volunteers had a volunteer massage tent.

We worked in the Massage Hut which offered Remedial, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Relaxing and Energetic Healings. Also seated Indian Head Massage by our Ayurvedic experts.

The massage was very popular and several clients made repeated visits for treatment. It was a good idea by many to get a treatment early on so they could relax into their still space and enjoy the music, vibes and harmonics of the atmosphere that the festival created. And then come back for another massage later. Just keep topping up on massage it makes you feel good.

Usually we are located in Coolangatta so be sure to ring Graham or Cheryl on 0419609232 for an appointment.

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It was so good to see John Butler, Angus Stone,Sharon Shannon etc ....all so good.


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