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Surfing in Coolangatta is a healthy high fitness sport that is very physically demanding.

It is a strenuous upper body work out that builds up most of the core muscles.

surfing massagePaddling technique can be very important to the reduction of stress and strain on the muscles and skeletal structure. By arching the back and raising the head too high there is great strain on the neck and back. A better technique is to keep the spine in more of an alignment .This will invariably depend on each individual and the technique applied should aim to minimise back and neck injury.
In a good sized swell all of the upper body muscles are pushed to the extreme. The pectoral muscles, erector spinae, latissimus dorsi, trapezius, rhomboids, and the rotator cuff muscles especially get a good workout. The terres minor muscle in particular is usually particularly tight in surfers .This can be tested by taking the arm out horizontally lateral and then raising the arm up vertical beside and above the head. If there is restricted range of motion this muscle needs to be released by massage and stretching. This needs the attention of a highly experienced massage therapist.
Massage is a fantastic therapy for releasing tight muscles and relieving aches and pains. We offer quality expert treatment to suit your needs. Usually surfers will need deep tissue remedial massage therapy. Other treatments are available on request.

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Some of the best stretches are in the yoga routines The cat to dog pose is excellent. The triangle pose is a strong all round pose - the heart of the standing series. Side stretches are also good. For the more advanced the entire back stretch (bending forward whilst sitting and touching the toes) and the chakrasana back bend which opens up all the chakras and strengthens the back are fantastic. Check with your local yoga teacher. We recommend Bikram Hot Tropical Yoga in Coolangatta
Not so long ago we only seen Japanese surfers stretch on the beach before paddling out.  All the locals thought this was strange but now most of the local surfers partake in some form of stretching warm up. It is hard to get a massage on the  beach in Australia. so you still have to go to Bali. Great surf great place and massage therapists all over the beach. Check out the travel guide videos at  and type Bali in the search box and away you go.
International surf photography site has footage of surfing massage. Click to view.
At Rainbow Bay Massage we have a combined experience of over 30 years. So don't suffer with the  pain and discomfort  of tight and sore muscles ring Graham and Cheryl now for massage, remedial massage and deep tissue massage to book an  appointment. Phone 0419 60 92320419 60 9232 in Tweed Heads Coolangatta
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