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Lifestyle choices.Reduce sugar foods in the diet and avoid soda drinks because they contain aspartame. This is a chemical sweetener that will help to kill you. Excess sugar sends your blood sugar level into an up and down roller coaster ride. Avoid high caloric low nutrient foods.

Have 3 cups of youghurt,milk, fetta cheese or cottage cheese a day. The calcium and Vitamin D in dairy is good for your teeth and bones. It is hard or not legal to get raw milk anymore but buy the A2  (low allergy) variety without the permeate added.

Reduce red meat and replace with beans and lentils. They are low in fat and high in protein, antioxidants and fibre. Also they are cheap and easy to prepare and cook.

Eat at least 3oz of whole grains per day, preferably oats because they don’t usually cause allergies and help to reduce cholesterol. Also quinoa, barley and brown rice. Wheat is ok if you have not developed an allergy or sensitivity. Grains are rich in fibre and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Use nuts to snack on rather than junk food. They will help to reduce blood pressure and high cholesterol. Even a handful of almonds per day will do the trick.

Introduce superfoods into the diet like seaweed spirulina, barley green and chorella. Eat super-nutrient fruits like acai, pomegranate, dark grapes with seeds, red wine, cherries, strawberries, blackberries, mulberry, blueberries and gojiberry.

Add green leafy vegies to the diet. The darker colours have the richer minerals. Buy a juicer and juice carrots and celery. Or apple and lemon etc

Consume pawpaw, pineapple and sprouts for their high quality enzymes to enhance digestion. Eat plenty of omega 3 fish eg. salmon and tuna. In a nutshell eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and fish.

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