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Lets briefly reflect on hemorrhoids, even though not often associated with witty dinner conversation. Once you have them they can be near impossible to get rid of so the solution is really lies in management.

It is basically a weakness in the connective tissue leading to the veins around the anus stretching and being prone to inflammation or swelling via infection. Sitting for a long period on a hard surface often triggers an attack as will straining if you are constipated.

So avoid hard surfaces and have a good high fiber diet to keep things moving the way nature intended. If your knees and balance are up to it, squatting at the throne of reflection sets you up better anatomically than sitting. Allowing events to take their own course as opposed to a forceful disposition is also helpful. Better to avoid reading material, getting through War and Peace will not help.

Things already inflamed? Well here is a simple helper to reduce that, try some cranesbill which is an astringent. Dilute well in water and have a hot sitz bath, for internals though you will need to get the solution inside.

As with most things though prevention is better than cure so here is yet another reason to sort out the diet and lifestyle. Diverticulitis also is a weakening of the connective tissues of the bowel, as such you will also be reducing the risks of that and many other maladies as well. Also in this age group, especially if there is a family history of colon cancer, a colonoscopy is not a bad idea, the joys of that though is another topic.


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