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Massage can improve the quality of your life in many ways. Relaxation is a major benefit but there are many extra health and well being advantages.


Medical research suggests that massage benefits include:

*decreased blood pressure

*less anxiety

*decreased depression

*less fibrosis and scar tissue

*increased lymph flow

*better sleep

*relieves tension headaches

*decreases musculoskeletal pain


Massage stimulates the immune system by incresing lymph drainage and circulation. This relieves congestion of the tissues. Production of blood cells is promoted. Elimination of wastes ocurs due to better lymph drainage. This clears uric and lactic acids which relieves muscle tension.


Also there is improved muscle tone. Deep tissue massage helps seperate the facial fibres and prevent the formation of adhesions. This reduces inflammation and oedema in the soft tissue and joints.


The body's ability to heal itself is improved with regular massage. When the muscles are relaxed and toned there is less chance of injury. Better circulation means an enhanced delivery of oxygen and nurrients to all parts of the body.


Massage makes you feel better.


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