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Papaya Leaf Cure

PapayaPapaya leaf juice has been claimed to reduce cancer by many people.

The Papaya or Pawpaw (Carica Papaya) is originally from tropical America but today it is cultivated in most tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

“Papaya the Medicine Tree” by Harold Tietze describes how to make the juice and tells stories of many cancer survivors who used the juice to get rid or their cancer. Many were reported to be incurable by their doctors.

The book has a story about the first man Stan Sheldon from the Gold Coast Australia who cured himself of cancer by drinking the boiled extract of pawpaw leaves. He was dying from cancer in both lungs when it was suggested that he try this old Aboriginal remedy. After using the remedy for 2 months he had a compulsory TB x-ray and both lungs were observed to be clear. The specialists were in disbelief and carried out their own tests only to recommend that he keep drinking the boiled pawpaw leaf tea.

This was decades ago and the cancer never returned. Sheldon passed on this remedy to many others who were also cured.

Recent research in the US has given scientific support to the claim, isolating a phytochemical which is a million times stronger than any anti-cancer drug.

Professor Dr Mclaughlan at Purdac University has found 50 biologically active  ingredients in pawpaw. Out of 3,500 plants studied pawpaw is the most effective.

Acetogens are the most biologically active ingredient found in pawpaw. This is active against worms, some viruses, fungi and many cancer cell lines. When compared to chemotherapy  they have worked comparably but with far lower concentrations and near zero toxicity.

The pawpaw remedy involves boiling and simmering fresh pawpaw leaves and stems in a pot for 2 hours before draining and bottling the extract. It can be stored in the fridge for 3-4 days, discard if it becomes cloudy.

To prepare the remedy wash and dry several medium sized papaya leaves. Cut up into small slices and place in a pot with 2 litres of water. Bring to the boil without the lid reducing the water to 50% over 2 hours. Strain the liquid into bottles and refrigerate.

The dosage is 50ml 3 times per day.

The leaves have been proven to be therapeutic if used dried or ground.

Research on human tumors injected into mice treated by pawpaw have yielded impressive results.

Pawpaw can be used in support during chemo and radiation. Research shows it makes these therapies more effective and reduces the side effects.

Pawpaw is very effective on it’s own but can be used with Fijian noni, immune stimulators, colstrums and protease plus. Better not to use with CoQ10 or thyroid stimulators e.g. KC-X. Vitamin C has also been observed to reduce effectiveness of pawpaw. If using laetrile B17 consume pawpaw and pineapple each day so that the enzymes strip the cancer coating.

Pawpaw has also successfully been used for Dengue Fever which is becoming rampant in the tropics now.

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