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 Author Graham Honeyman ND

Raw Organic Mayan CacaoWith all the hype about 21st December 2012 a lot of attention has been centered on the Mayan Calender and Culture. So it’s not surprising that Organic Cacao is in the limelight as a Mayan super-food.

The ancient Mayans revered Cacao as the drink of the gods. Only the elite could afford to drink it because the seeds were used for currency. It would have been like drinking your money. The European Colonists discovered it and back home it became the fashionable drink of high society.

Nowadays Cacao is the the main ingredient in chocolate and cocoa powder. The Mayans still prepare their Cacao seeds in the ancient way.

The Cacao tree (Thedoroma Cacao) produces pods the size of a football in which the  beans are found. The organic Cacao powder is full of powerful antioxidants. Cacao is cold pressed raw organic with many nutrients. It is high in flavenoids, sulfur and magnesium. The essential fatty acids in Cacao raise the good HDL and lower the  bad LDL cholesterol. Raw Cacao will reduce the risk of cancer because of the antioxidants that reduce free radical damage. Good to know for the over fifties generation.

In one ounce of raw Cacao there is 130 calories, 12 gm of fat (7 is saturated), 9 gm of fiber, 4gm of protein and no cholesterol or trans fats.

Theobromine is a healthier alternative to caffeine. It is a bitter alkaloid from the raw Cacao seed found in high concentrations especially in dark chocolate. Other valuable nutrients are calcium and iron.

On the other hand cocoa powder is heat processed which destroys the antioxidants and nutrients. Make the change and buy raw organic Cacao from your local health food shop.

The Cacao powder can be used for baking, making chocolate and smoothies. Organic Cacao is a good product to be used as part of your overall health plan because of the high quality antioxidants and nutrients.

Cacao is bittersweet but when you become accustomed to the subtle, mild, chocolate taste the health benefits ate well worth it.

Why not make your own chocolate with organic Cacao. There are few foods that people are more passionate about and even just thinking about chocolate is pleasurable. Also make your own nice hot cup of drinking chocolate with Cacao powder rather than with the commercial cocoa.

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