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The Great Hidden Secret of Weight Loss

1349596_94563749Well let’s clear that up first, there is no great secret and well, it isn’t even hidden, in fact all it requires is an understanding of kindergarten maths. That isn’t to say there are not individuals or even entire industries getting rich from their mystical secret that they will share with you for a fee.

It really comes down to this, input should equal output. Input being the food you consume and output being your level of activity. Yes, some find it easier than others to maintain a healthy weight but well they just have a little more of a hotter internal boiler to keep the wheels turning, for the bulk of us it just requires some work and thought.

There are numerous online free sources you can search to get the calorie value of the food you consume and also calculate the calorie burn of your activities. But again it all comes back to that simple math. Overweight, then eat less snack or bad foods and change that to healthy foods then exercise more. Bear in mind though that if you don’t reduce the calorie intake then you would need to be doing an enormous amount of exercise to overcome that.

The other bad news is that as we age more we tend to have to work harder to lose weight. This age group was the reason for this blog, get your health sorted while you can still muster the resources and set your self up for a much healthier old age, it will be much harder later. I’d thought about posing in a g-string for this article for the voyeurs to admire my six-pack and chiseled glutes but my wife suggested that sight would be too much for even her…

But what about the teas that suppress apetite or special foods that raise your metabolism? They will probably do that but you may well be consuming them at a level that is unatural and could have adverse effects. Appetite can be reduced, do it gradually, your stomach will “shrink” and you will require less to be satisfied.

We will in course later cover some little helpers, but they are just that, helpers, in the end you have to bite the bullet and take that first step. Plot a course of action that gradually changes your lifestyle, as it is a lifestyle change you are undertaking, if you start a regime you can’t live with long term then you will probably fall off the wagon. The idea is for a permanent change.

Apart from some diet advice later we will also throw in some simple exercises you can do without a gym subscription that will get the ball rolling. I was in a metaphor fuge when I wrote this so please forgive me that.

Like any of the articles if you have specific questions or would like to see an expanded version later just let us know via the email link you get from the subscription. We do it that way so as the prevent spammers and limit the correspondence to those that are genuinely interested.

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