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670491_39681493I was asked via the subscription on the blog about headaches and treatments. I thought I would also reply here as I just assumed chiropractic was well known as a treatment, just shows better not to assume.

Headaches can be for a variety of reasons, it can be a medical type of problem although this isn’t common. Even dehydration will cause headaches, years ago working in the heat in Asia I had a splitting headache that a bottle of water quickly cured, being well hydrated is important in many aspects in fact.

Another well known cause is over-imbibing of alcohol, however that is short lived and best taken as a nudge to ease off. Migraines are of course a very severe type of headache, they often will respond to chiropractic or acupuncture or at least improve.

Allergies, excess caffeine, nicotine, sugar and reaction to food additives/chemicals can all cause headaches. Although in the case of caffeine it is the withdrawal that brings it on, so if you are kicking a soda/coffee addiction then expect some suffering.

The more common type of headache is often referred to as a tension headache and this usually responds very well to cervical adjustment/mobilization and massage. They are often an irritation of the nerves or muscles in the neck, usually brought about through over-strain or poor posture. Removing the irritation though chiropractic adjustment and improving mobility usually removes the headache.

Headaches are unpleasant and often easily remedied, so for most there is no real need to suffer with them. Painkillers are not a long term solution as they also are not good for you. In the small percentage that don’t respond then that’s when you need to get checked out by the doctor.


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