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human body on x-rayBack Problems? Most people get something at some stage and age as a rule doesn’t improve that. As a chiropractor you can guess what direction I’ll be taking on this topic, however I am of the school of thought that believes you can do most of the work to help yourself.

In our age group most x-rays will show degeneration of the spine, however that certainly doesn’t mean that you are a lost cause and it especially does not mean that you need to spend half your waking life on a chiropractic table. My belief was always to settle down and correct the problem and then let the patient sort out the issues of what caused it.

So find a good chiropractor or osteopath that sorts out your initial misalignment or restrictions then start work yourself on reducing the things that cause problems and undertaking the things that help. Sitting in a chair all day for example is not going to help your posture and nor is a life of inactivity going to give you strong back support.

Some basic exercises that help most backs include planks, side planks and extensions on your stomach, they will strengthen both the stomach and back muscles to better support your frame. Just check with your chiropractor that these suit you or you may be given other variations.

A friend of mine in his fifties has just started Taikwondo, my uncle and aunt started karate in their seventies and went on to get a black belts! I just started back at Mantis Kung Fu with my kids after a long absence, why, well firstly because of the great exercise and secondly I will be able to defend myself in the unlikely event of some trouble as a bonus. That particular style doesn’t involve much kicking so it actually works better for me from that perspective, plus its an activity the family can share. Who can deny the bonding of us beating up on each other?

Activity doesn’t need to be a martial art of course but you should be engaged in some physical activity that challenges you, obviously approach it with your age in mind, always do a proper warm up then build up slowly so your muscles and joints get acclimatized and strengthen, injury is not the goal. Some people prefer Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates etc, regardless just keep that body working and joints moving.

I also do a lot of walking plus various exercises. I have tried weights but always found that they just give me back problems, now I just use my own body weight (pushups, chin-ups, squats, lunges), it pulls in more muscles and believe me it can give you a great work out. Time can for many be an issue, but look at it as an investment in your health, get up a bit earlier and walk, do some activities in the evening or weekends, you will adjust to a new schedule and never regret it.

Some people may carry disabilities so they will need to adapt accordingly, likewise arthritis can be an issue for some but that is largely a lifestyle issue that no doubt Graham will have some thoughts on later. We have all seen folks in their sixties and seventies, some hobbling along and some striding with ease, which group do you want to be in later, act now while you still can.


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