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Bodywork is a unique and holistic massage treatment for the body.

It incorporates more than one modality of healing techniques. Many people train to become a massage therapist, but becoming an accomplished bodyworker takes times and experience.


  Why bodyworker?

A bodyworker goes several steps further than the massage therapist.

Here are some of the factors that will determine the difference between bodywork and massage. There are variables that come into play in the field of massage therapy. It is to clarify why some people label themselves bodyworkers instead of massage therapists.


Posture Analysis

A bodyworker will most likely put the client through a postural analysis. As the client walks in the therapist will observe their gait. They will notice the balance in the hip and shoulder girdles. They will also check the neck and head placement in relation to the spine. The spinal alignment against a wall will also be checked.

A bodyworker sees catches, hitches, pulls and snags that have manifested in the client’s body.



The bodyworker sees the issues, and then they will begin to piece together what may be causing the problems. They will use their collected understanding of kinaesthetic movement to see the client from all layers of their bodily design. The understanding that headaches can come from tightness in the ankles, for example; facilitates deconstruction of the problem from every angle. Bodyworkers work with the interconnectedness within their clients.


Combined Modalities and Applications

The bodyworker may also include breath work, visualization and emotional release techniques. They will often administer energy work, acupressure, reflexology and other various methods. When a bodyworker does apply massage, it is very specific to an area or location. They may put an elbow deep into stagnant muscles or connective tissues. They may also choose to give soft adjustments like craniosacral or Bowen techniques.


Frequency of Scheduling

Your bodyworker will most likely ask you to schedule another session. They like to have two or three treatments on the issues in a short span of time. They want to give their work a chance to establish itself without waiting for the issues to revert back to their unbalanced nature again. After a few immediate sessions, the bodyworker will tell you that you that it is advisable to come back occasionally. You will be given some exercises or practices to implement into your daily life to keep you on the corrective healing path.

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