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Sports massage is specifically tailored to sporting injuries and ailments. It involves the use of thumbs, knuckles, hands, forearms. Also elbows therapeutically manipulate the soft tissues to bring about repair.

Massage techniques are applied to the muscles, tendons, fascia, ligaments and skin. It is not a relaxing style of massage and can be quite vigorous at times. Sports massage is not only utilised by professional sports people and trainers or people that exercise heavily; it is also of benefit to anyone that is physically active. Even if you are only performing a mild exercise routine such as regular walking sports massage is of good value.

Sports massage prevents and relieves injuries. In conditions that are associated with exercise the stress and tension is reduced that builds up within the soft tissue. Sports massage can be done before, during or after playing sport or exercising. It is designed to increase your endurance and performance. The chance of injury is minimised, injuries are reduced and recovery time is decreased.
Some benefits of sports massage:
Reduction of fatigue
Swelling is relieved
Reduced muscle tension
Flexibility is promoted
Pain is relieved
Prevention of injury
Increased blood circulation
Increased lymphatic flow
Common injuries treated include, tennis elbow, sprains, Achilles tendon, strains, shin splints etc.


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